Cultural day was indeed a day of fun. I was contemplating if i would attend ,maybe because i was the not too into culture kind of person. I never knew they had planned rehearsals and display ,lol i guess so because i did not attend the emergency ethnic house meeting but better still i looked forward to this great day. On this faithful day i took to my dress collections and was confused on what to wear, hmmmmm tried several dresses but i still never looked like an ikwerre man as i was supposed to represent .then i spiced my dressing with a judge rapper which you can see on the body of my pretty ikwerre sisters on the picture.
OK finally i was about going out but i was shy and was like hmmm all eyes on me ,so i quickly pulled the wrapper and slotted it into my bag.
there i was with a final choice of the green like native clothing,i had made up my  mind and boom, i landed at the venue for the cultural day. RSU[RIVERS STATE UNIVERSITY] FACULTY OF LAW.
My entrance was almost intimidated as i saw colorful attires and representations from other ethnic houses,well i was not in a competition was i? hahahahahahah.

its past 2pm and the event is yet to start despite the original arrangement of starting by 9am that day...ops i just had to remember the Nigerian time factor .
the event started and i had located my ethnic house camp, aligned with my brethren and that was it, the event officially had started.

Too much to each,drink,see,hear,display,analyze,comprehend,distinguish, and lots more in regards to an interesting atmosphere.

YEA ,i located the QUEEN OF IKWERRE KINGDOM and took a wide smiling picture with her. The beautiful girls and ladies of ikwerre kingdom was not left out as i also took a selfie with them.
I was so busy taking pictures upon pictures,but i must confess i also was conscious of the food sharing time.

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