We offer free music upload on our site for artist and musicians who meet our expectations, however free uploads are only hosted for a period of 1month after which a subscription is needed to continue displaying your content.
Our music upload subscriptions are very cheap. We charge as low as 500naira per month for music uploads only.
Music uploads with sales link and distributions are charged at 1k per month and we take only 5% per sale.
Music uploads with,sales ,YouTube link visual video, extended 5 added links, Facebook,twitter and Instagram promotions will be charged at 4000naira for the first month the 1k for the rest month. Here ,we take only 5% per sale.

There are several beats upload.
1.free beats: these beats are totally free and can be downloaded for free.
2.paid beats:this beats are not free and can be downloaded only when purchased.

Note : we give license once a beat is purchased for it to be used for profit.

However for the raw data and zip files of any beat we charge separately from the listed price . contacts should be made to us where interest is indicated.

©️ copyright: our beats and instrumentals ,videos and any other contents are copyrighted. Proper reach out must be made where there is a reuse. We hold our paid beats at a high esteem and using our beats with voice tags on it will acquire a law suit against you .if you love a beat purchase it if it's paid. By the presence of this TNC, you are hereby informed and warned accordingly.
Note: we are watching you 

General contents  are opposed to nudity and abusive words , comments are expected to be friendly ,and void of racism or ill targeted.

  • We do hope you comply.

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