Okay , alot of piano players, and various others inbox me an complain about thier inability to find a musical key used by someone. For example when a singer sings a key, some piano plauers have issues with identifying  the key used by the singer. Hahahaha and i must say its quite embarrassing  to them. You see, as a piano player for example no one is ready to get your  excuses for not being able to look for their musical key when they sing When people sing, they sing on different keys and it’s
expected as a pianist that you detect whatetever key an
individual sings on.
That is why your mastery of the 12keys are necessary
because no one will want to hear your excuse of not being
able to play on their key of choice when they sing.
And so it goes,but the question here is,how do I find a
musical key being used by a person.
1. 80% of songs end on their root chord or 8chord.
1. When a song is sAng by a person,you can hurriedly
sing the song in your mind so that you get to the last
word of the song, although you have to be familiar
with the song to do this, but if you are not familiar with
the song,wait until the singer gets to the last word of
the song. For example ,in TWINKLE STAR,the last word
is ARE. Most last words end on your 1 or 8 chord.
2. When you pick out the last word of the song,pay close
and more attention and memorize the way the word
was pronounced by the singer.example…ARE
You can even echo the word so you don’t forget the
way it was pronounced. Example> AARRRRRRE.
3. Now keep memorizing the word. Try not to change it
from the original and exact way it came out from the
singer,else you have lost it.
4. Turn to your piano,from your extreme left. Start
touching each of the keys from KEY C. move from C to
the rest of the keys until you are able to find a key that
sound exactly as your echoed word. Don’t play as
chords,touch them as single notes.

Keep doing this until you find/notice a key that sounds 
exactly like the word which you memorized.
Now even as you touch the keys to find the musical keys 
used by the singer,the keys can get you confused,so try as 
much as possible not to let it change the sound of your 
memorized word unless it conforms to it else you will play 
off key which is noisy.
5. As a beginner,I would advice you touch each key 2 
times each,until you find a key that matches the last 
word of the song sang by the singer.
6. Once you are able to match the last word of any song 
to any of the 12keys. It means the song is been sang on 
that key.
For example if you take> ARE,and after touching the 
keys,you find out that key F is sounding the same as the last 
word “ARE” pronounced by the singer in a song,it means 
the singer is singing on key F. then you can now play your 
Fmajor scale as the case maybe in respect to other keys you 
play their major scales.
So if the word matches any key,it means the singer is 
singing on that key and you should play on that key.
All you have to do now is for you to start looking for musical 
keys used by singers. You don’t really have to see them 
live,you can listen to songs on the radio,tv ,seminars and others. Have fun.

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