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Welcome to Our Exclusive Piano Lessons Package!

Are you ready to bring your piano playing dreams to life? Our comprehensive piano lessons are designed to cater to all skill levels, whether you're just starting out or looking to refine your advanced techniques. With personalized instruction, flexible scheduling, and a passion for music education, we are here to guide you every step of the way.

What Our Piano Lessons Offer:

  • Beginner Piano Lessons:

    • Perfect for those new to the piano, our beginner lessons cover the basics of music theory, , and fundamental playing techniques. You'll quickly learn to play your favorite songs and build a solid foundation for future growth.
  • Intermediate Piano Lessons:

    • Designed for those who have some piano experience, our intermediate lessons delve deeper into more complex pieces, advanced music theory, and improved finger techniques. You'll gain confidence and enhance your playing skills with each session.
  • Advanced Piano Lessons:

    • For the seasoned pianist, our advanced lessons focus on mastering challenging compositions, refining technique, and exploring expressive playing. These lessons are tailored to push your boundaries and help you achieve a professional level of performance.'
  • Custom Piano Packages:

    Not sure which path to take? We offer custom piano packages tailored specifically to your needs. After a thorough analysis of your current skills and goals, we will design a personalized learning plan that maximizes your potential and sets you on the right track.

Wide Range of Course Topics:

Here is a list of our piano courses you can choose from:


    1. Scales, Tones, Semitones, Number Patterns
    2. Chords
    3. Ear Training
    4. Finger Placements
    5. Hand Independence
    6. Passing Chords
    7. Chord Substitution (Chord Replacements)
    8. Inversions
    9. Circle of 4th and 5th
    10. Octaves, Tempo, Time Signatures, Beats, Bars
    11. Tritones
    12. Any other fundamentals not listed here that you want to learn

Advanced Techniques:

    1. How to Split
    2. Adding Effects on Piano
    3. How to Use Pitch Bend
    4. Sustain Pedal, Foot Pedal
    5. How to Improvise or Solo
    6. Any other advanced techniques not listed here that you want to learn

Genres and Styles:

    1. Jazz
    2. Makosa
    3. Ariaria
    4. Reggae
    5. Hip Hop
    6. Salsa
    7. Worship
    8. Western Worship and Praise
    9. Any other genres and styles not listed here that you want to learn

Specialized Skills:

    1. How to Score Songs
    2. Hymns
    3. How to Develop Speed
    4. How to Make Beats with Piano
    5. Grace Notes
    6. Spice Up Your Worship
    7. Spice Up Your Praise
    8. Sound Like a Lead Guitar
    9. Piano Baselines for Worship and Praise
    10. Piano Grooves
    11. How to Share Parts
    12. Chord Progressions
    13. Proper Approaches to Different Music Genres
    14. Ear Training and Chord Guessing
    15. How to Find Key Fast
    16. Ariaria and Makosa Grooves
    17. How to Create Melodies
    18. Two-Note Solo Pattern
    19. Extended Two-Note Solo Pattern
    20. One-Note Solo Pattern
    21. Chord Solo Pattern
    22. Praise Breaks
    23. Arpeggio Baselines and Grooves
    24. Universal Grooves for Makosa, Ariaria, etc.
    25. Passing Chords for Praise
    26. Best Piano Voice Settings
    27. Any other specialized skills not listed here that you want to learn

Pricing Options for Piano Lessons:

  1. Per Session Pricing:

    • 20 minutes: ₦1,500 on any topic
    • 30 minutes: ₦2,500 on any topic
    • 1 hour: ₦4,000 on any topic

    Classes held via live video calls on WhatsApp or Zoom.

    Ideal for:

    • Those looking to test the waters.
    • Students with limited funds or time.
    • you are also Added to our online community to meet other piano players, interact and share ideas
You get first 10mins free. So extra 10mins on all bookings 
  1. Monthly Package:

    • Price: ₦45,000 per month

    Classes held via live video calls with flexible scheduling.


    • Unlimited access to lessons.
    • Personalized attention with no fixed session duration.
    • Ability to ask questions anytime.
    • Video lessons and follow-up assignments.
    • Free copy of the "Speed Piano Tutorial" book.
    • free loops and beats for rehearsals
    • mentorship
    • you are Added to our online community to meet other piano players, interact and share ideas

    Perfect for:

    • Dedicated learners seeking comprehensive instruction.
    • Students preferring a relaxed learning pace and personalized guidance.

3. Video Lesson Request:

  • Price: ₦18,000 per topic request

Receive a custom video lesson based on your request.


  • Personalized video lesson on any topic of your choice, including song breakdowns.
  • Detailed instruction tailored to your specific needs.
  • Flexibility to learn at your own pace and convenience.
  • you are Added to our online community to meet other piano players, interact and share ideas

Ideal for:

  • Students who prefer learning through personalized video content.
  • Individuals looking for in-depth instruction on specific topics.

How to Pay:

Click the button below to pay for your desired piano package. Once the payment page opens, fill in the necessary details and specify the service you are paying for. After payment, you will be contacted within a few minutes via your email or WhatsApp number to schedule your class immediately or receive your package.

Why Choose Our Piano Lessons?

  • Flexible Schedule: Fit lessons into your busy life.
  • Personalized Attention: Tailored instruction to meet your goals.
  • Comprehensive Learning: Options for live sessions and custom video lessons.



Try Our Premium Piano course

Explore our premium piano course tailored to topics rarely taught elsewhere. Ideal for all skill levels, including beginners, intermediates, and professionals seeking to enhance their skills.

Advantages of Our Premium Piano course:

  • Free Loops for Rehearsals: Access to complimentary musical loops for practice sessions.
  • Personalized Response to Questions: Dedicated support to answer your queries promptly.
  • you are Added to our online community to meet other piano players, interact and share ideas
  • mentorship
  • Certificate Issued: Earn a certificate upon completion of the Premium Piano Course, showcasing your accomplishment.

Topics Covered Under This Course:

  1. Foundations and Clarity

    • Intro to Improvisation: Single Notes Solo Learn the basics of improvisation using single notes. Build confidence and creativity in your solo performances.
    • Two Note Solo and Two Note Extended Solo Expand your improvisation skills by incorporating two-note solos. Master extended solos to enhance your musical expression.
  2. Introduction to Hand Independence

    • Universal Hand Independence: Left and Right Hand for Makosa, Ariaria, and Gyration Develop coordination between your hands with exercises tailored for popular genres like Makosa, Ariaria, and Gyration.
    • Hand Independence for Worship Playing Gain the ability to play independently with each hand, crucial for performing worship music with fluidity and grace.
  3. Applying Week 1-2-3 on Selected Songs

    • Practical Application of Techniques Apply the skills learned in the first three weeks to selected songs. Reinforce your learning with real-world examples and practice.
  4. Introduction to Chords

    • Basic Chord Structures and Their Uses Understand the foundation of chord construction and how to apply them in various musical contexts.
    • Passing Chords and After Chords and Their Applications for Worship and Praise Learn about passing chords and after chords to add depth and richness to your worship and praise music.
  5. Chord Replacements in Detail for Praise and Worship

    • Advanced Chord Techniques Discover how to replace standard chords with more complex ones to enhance your praise and worship playing.
  6. Applying Week 1-2-3 to Various Song Projects

    • Practical Song Applications Take the techniques learned in the initial weeks and apply them to a range of song projects to solidify your skills.
  7. In-depth Creative Approach to Music Genres: Makosa

    • Creative Techniques for Makosa Explore the unique rhythms and techniques specific to the Makosa genre. Includes a free general loop with 30 minutes of pre-loaded songs.
  8. In-depth Creative Approach to Music Genres: Ariaria Praise Breaks

    • Mastering Ariaria Praise Breaks Delve into the energetic and vibrant world of Ariaria praise breaks with advanced techniques and creative approaches.
  9. In-depth Creative Approach to Music Genres: Explosive Slap Chord Techniques with Foot Pedals

    • Advanced Slap Chord Techniques Learn explosive slap chord techniques and how to effectively use foot pedals to add dynamic flair to your playing.
  10. Introduction to Jazz and Its Techniques

    • Jazz Fundamentals Get introduced to the world of jazz, including its unique techniques and styles. Enhance your versatility as a pianist.
  11. Tritones Explained in Total

    • Understanding Tritones Deep dive into tritones and their applications. Learn how to use this powerful musical element in your playing.
  12. Song Scoring and Reproduction

    • Reproducing Songs Exactly Pick a song project and learn to play it exactly as it is. This exercise enhances your transcription and replication skills.
  13. Pitch Bend Techniques for Reggae

    • Mastering Pitch Bends Focus on pitch bend techniques specific to reggae, adding a new dimension to your playing in this genre.
  14. Hymns and Classical Music: Intro Part 1

    • Exploring Hymns and Classical Music Begin your journey into hymns and classical music. Learn foundational techniques and pieces that form the basis of these genres.
  15. Additional Topics and More

    • Tailored to your learning needs and interests



Speed Piano Tutorial by VICPIANO

Discover the Speed Piano Tutorial, an innovative piano eBook designed to empower individuals to achieve their dream of playing the piano independently. This comprehensive guide is the culmination of over 3 years of solid research by a team of professionals in piano playing and music theory.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Covers a wide range of topics including introduction to music, musical keys, scales, chords, finger placement, inversions, circle of 4th and 5th, and more.
  • Practical Approach: Utilizes simple methods of explanation, descriptions, and directions to ensure effective learning.
  • User-Friendly: Incorporates explanatory diagrams to illustrate concepts clearly at every step.
  • Interactive Learning: Includes questions after each topic lecture to reinforce understanding.
  • Accessible: Available for purchase at ₦10,000, payable via card, bank transfer, or internet banking worldwide. USE PROMOCODE VICPIANOSPEED TO GET IT FOR HALF THE PRICE 5000 ONLY,

What You Gain:

  • Lifetime Student Code: Access subsequent content at a 30% discounted rate.
  • Quick Response: Receive prompt answers and video replies to your questions using standard technology.
  • Discounted Classes: Attend online or direct musical classes at a reduced fee.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to fulfill your piano playing aspirations. Get the Speed Piano Tutorial eBook today!

Yours sincerely, VICPIANO (Author)

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