Omnipotent God by Orlando Chris ft Ruth Onu prod by vicpiano

A new era has come for PHENOMENAL . 
Orlando Christian Nwobilor  Seeks for a moment for a brief Introduction in  the Gospel Scene. "Orlando Chris" Began his music career in 2005, However He Has acquired over (5) years Experience with the help of the Holy Spirit, and it Has been From Grace to Grace all to the Glory of God. Orlando Chris is one consistent Multi-genre art who's mission is to Transform lives Through Gospel music. 
 He is one of the Gifted Youth Worshippers In Nigeria. He Hails from  Rivers State and based In the heart of Port Harcourt Nigeria. 

He is  Multi-talented 
He is a Song Writer, Music Director and a Multi-Instrumentalist.

  Orlando Chris is known for excellence, He has inspired the world and Christendom at large. Furthermore, He Featured an Amazing fast rising Youth Minstrel  [ Ruth Onu ].  Ruth Onu Is a minstrel who's from the East part of Nigeria. However, she's Based in the city Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Over the years of Her dedicated service in God's Vineyard, Lives Have been blessed. 

This wonderful song Came Expressly from God Almighty to Man just to remind us that He still is He that was, that is, and Is To come. The One Who can do, and Undo what is Done.  

  Produced by Vic Piano an Amazing young Producer .

Connect with Orlando Chris  via

Whatsapp @ 07063677132

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Instagram @ ORL132

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 *VERSE 1*  [ 2x ]
My eyes have seen your Glory

My ears have heard your wonders

You're not a man that you should lie to me

Jesus you are God all by yourself..

 [ 4x ]

Omnipotent (2x)
Halleluyah Omnipotent God..

 *VERSE 2* 
Na only you be God.

And that God you will be.

Jehovah is your name.

Mighty Warrior

Great in Battle

You are the only True wise God.

You have been my defense and refuge everyday

Your understanding is infinite

And none of your word fails

You stretched out your arms and delivered me mighty one

There is nothing too hard for you

The earth trembles at your voice

In your power and your might.

That's why we call you 


*[Chorus]* [ 2x ]

Omnipotent [ 2x ]
God. Halleluyah 
Omnipotent God

Great is your name.
You're strong and mighty Jesus...
Omnipotent God

No one can compare with your greatness

No one can compare with your power..

Omnipotent God


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