Exclusive interview session with Miracle chinwogu for attractive entertainment

1. Hi , can you introduce yourself to us?

Ans. I am EWUDE MIRACLE ChINWOGU, am 25years old,am a  native of mbano in isiala LGA but I reside in umuahia Abia State and also a graduate of Human Nutrition and Dietetic Bs.c in Michael Okpara university of agriculture Umudike Umuahia.

2. What's your passion?
Ans. I have passion for modelling,music and anything relating to entertainment.

3. Can you dance?
Ans Yes

4. What's your definition of life, and death?
Ans. While I can say life is an existence of a being and also death is simply the end of a being.

5.what is enjoyment to you?
Ans Once you are happy and derive joy in what you are doing  it's simply an enjoyment to me

6.do u have any twerk videos? Lol
Ans. No

7. Kissed a guy before?
Ans. Yes

8. 8. Any advice to for guys who break girls heart?
Ans.Girls are meant to be cared,loved and pampered and not to be used as trash cus you don't know tomorrow cus the way you treat your girlfriend is same way your sister will be treated so my advice is treat them right.

9. Why did you choose to work with attractive entertainment?
Ans. I know and not feel Attractive entertainment is a platform that will grow higher and known by many, so I want to see myself as part of your company somewhere at a good level.

10. Are you a movie freak?

11. What causes some girls to have fallen breasts?
Ans. Some its nature while some can be the number of pregnancies, Age can also be the cause

12. What's your most embarrassing moment?
Ans. #smiles# prepared a very pepperish jollof rice when I went to visit my boyfriend's family.

13. Mum and dad who do   you love most?
Ans. Mum

14. Are you a lesbian?

15. What can you say of covid19?
Ans. Well  covid 19 is a very dangerous pandemic disease that can take away the lives of many if not prevented

16. Have you been betrayed before?
Ans. Yes

17. How often do you pray?
Ans. Very day, morning,night sometimes afternoon when I have the chance

18. What's your modelling career like?
Ans.  It's good but one thing i believe and have faith in is that i will go places, modelling have been mostly face of my school, dept

19. Are you happy with the state of things in Nigeria?
Ans. No

20.if you are the president of Nigeria for 1day,what wil you do?
Ans. To me I know I can't achieve so many things in a day,so if am to be the president of Nigeria for 1day I make i pay salaries complete like been owed for months and years,also the pensioneers immediately without wasting time cus that's the only I know I can do for a day that the government won't cancel later.

21. Do you like dogs?
Ans.  Yes

22. If you are giving 3million naira how will you spend it?

Ans. #smiles# well I will not cheat God will pay my tithes that's compulsory,I know I can't build a house for my parents and also have the business of my own at same time so with the 3million will rent a cool apartment for my parents for now and then add the rest to my business.

Wow, intriguing indeed. It was a nice moment with miracle chinwogu.
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