Ebimo by ALEX DORGU prod by sounds of Asher

 Thinking of How good God has been to me from birth till date, I desired strongly to sing a song in My language attesting of HIS (GOD'S) GOODNESS. INDEED GOD IS GOOD...........

Tamara EBIMO-God is good.
Ayiba  EBIMO-The Mighty One..is good.
Akpo nanawei EBIMO- The Owner of the world is good.
Ebi Owei Miemini se- The good One; anything He does......
EBIMO- is good.

Ayiba E miebo mo- You've done  well
E Mie  ka mo- You've done Very Well
E Mie La mo- 
You've done well enough.
Wo  se se ki le  mo- 
We Say Thank U. 
Ayiba E mie  bo mo-
Mighty God u've  done well
Emiemini se- 
The things You do
Womininumo gba  pa o- we can't count all.
Weri  tun  eeeee!-
We just give U Praise.
(Repeat Chorus1)

Ayiba emiebo mo
Mighty One, u've done well
E Mie ka mo
I've done very well
E Mie La mo
U' ve  done well enough
WO se se ki lei mo
We thank You
Pereowei o- Wealthy God
Dubaowei o- Big God
Ebiowei o- Good God
Ebika o- You too good
Emiebo mo- done well
Emiela mo o-well done 
Pabo sei eeee. Come let's dance & praise Him.

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