Hello people. We have here someone who is going to be on the interview seat . Stay tuned and enjoy the show..

1. Introduce yourself

Ans: My name is Favour Chinedu Chinemerem from Rivers State,, precisely from ONELGA.. Im currently a law student in Rivers state University, a Christian and a music lover..

2. Tell us about your new song?

Ans: Its not just a song, its an inspiration from God.. Its a spirit lifting rhythm that propels thanksgiving from within despite everything that may seem as a challenge..

3 what was the inspiration behind the song?

Ans: The inspiration behind the song is God and his wholeness.. You know you can't help but bless his name when you think of all his love and mercies.. That's just a bit of it for me

4. So how has it been through this period of you releasing a song?

Ans:. Its been a remarkable time indeed.. The euphoria that comes with doing what you love to do actually enveloped me and its been beautiful all along.. Although as said nothing good comes easily and as such there have been some hectic times though but in all everything has been beautiful this far..

5. Did you receive any assistance in this project?

5. Assistance has been all that has made this single possible.. Attractive entertainment via Victor Vicpiano covered everything recording and production while a couple of music inclined friends with likes of Anita and Prosper helped the backup part.. This there have been worthy assistance all along..

6. What are your expectations from the release of this song when it's finally out?

Ans:. I expect lives transformed through the song.. I also expect a spirit filled worship from people as they bless that name of the Lord.

Inclusively i expect massive streams and download

7. What advice can you give to fellow singers like you?

Ans: Don't stop singing,, keep using your vocal instrument.. Don't get discouraged because those trying times would surely come sometime along the line,,, only see it as a stepping stone..

Also try to improve on your skill as a singer so you can advance along side the world music wise.

8. Why do you think people fail?

Ans. The reason people fail is actually inexhaustible. However for me I think people fail because they don't get sufficient information about a particular sphere and also lack proper plan about the subject of concern. Also pools may fail if they fail to trust and believe in themselves.

Another thing is if God is not involved,, it maybe lead to failure..

9. What motivates you?

Ans. I draw motivation from God and his word and also from my family

10. Do you have a girlfriend?

Ans. There's no girlfriend for now..

11. What makes you really upset?

Ans. I may get upset where a person tries exploiting another because of a disadvantaged situation..

I may also be really upset if i get embarrassed in public especially for an unnecessary reason.

12. How is you and food?

Ans:Im not a foodie.. I dislike eba,, i prefer fufu or pounded yam.. And the only soup i love is Afang soup.. 

Generally my best food is Rice,, any kind of rice actually.

13. Your favorite sport?

Ans. Swimming and basketball..

14. Ever being humiliated before?

Ans. Sure.. When i started singing.. Got lots of laughter's for not being a good singer

15. When did you realize you have more work to do?

Ans. I realized i have more work to do when i decided to be a professional singer


16. Do you think you have haters?

Ans. I think everyone at some point has haters.. Its a general principle.. But I'm sure almost everyone would love my style

17. What can you say about your management?

Ans. The management is one of the best things that has happened to me.. They venture in talent development and utilization and broadcast of which I'm a product of..

18. Are you millionare?

Ans. Yes i am.. And would be more than a millionaire soon

19. Who would you really want to give a shout out to?

Ans. I would want to give a shout out to my mom and siblings and also to every singer out there..

20. What is the name of your song?

Ans. Lord I Bless Your Name.

21. When is the release date?

21. 1st May

22. Have you cried before?

Ans: yea countlessly

23. Any memorable moments?

Ans. Yes.. One of them was when Kaydee Numbere and Ebiere stood for me during Avivar semifinal 2019

24. What do you have to say to people so they can download you song?

Ans. All i have say is that its not just a spirit baked song filled with pleasant rhythm and great vocal compactness, control and skill.

25. Do you have any other thing to say?

Ans. Keep anticipating the song and also get your data ready to stream and download.

Also don't forget to post and share.. Keep the awareness going..


Okay here you've got it. I really enjoyed this interview with favour chinedu and I really do look forward to 1st of May for the release of his song -lord I will bless your name.

Much thanks to attractive Entertainment for sponsoring this interview. Stay blessed

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