Man cries out-My Elder Brother Wears Waistbeads

 My elder brother came to for a training in the city I live and will be staying at my place. After he changed into his boxers and came to the parlor my eyes moved to his waist and guess what I saw? Waistbeads of different colors and designs. He is a tech guy, never used to wear one even in his school days, I asked him what's up and he just laughed and said he likes them angry

As a man I have seen a lot of ladies adorn their waistlines with lovely waistbeads and I love it but seeing it on the waist of my elder brother almost made me go nuts with confusion angry
How can a full grown man be wearing
waistbeads and feeling really cool with it??

What could it mean?? He is not married, the last time we had an idea that he was in a relationship was about 4 years ago and they had long broken up.

I am thinking of calling my dad to tell him about it.

Please don't tell me to mind my business, he's our first son and the eldest and I think I should be concerned.

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