What I Did Yesterday After I Lost My Last N200 During Interview

 Like a motivational speaker would say, "the issue is not the problem you are facing but the solution you can think of".

Yesterday was a tough day for me but as a full blooded naija man exposed to hard life from childhood, I immediately found a solution for the problem.

Let me make it brief.

While I'm working hard so to get a job and beat poverty, I'm also praying fervently for God's mercy in my life because a single fame from Him can bury all the years of shame.

I'm seriously in need of a job and so I applied for a vacancy I was in the know. I was called for interview yesterday. The transport fare wasn't even enough but I managed to gather what could take me to and fro. Dressed in corporate, I went. All I had with me was N800 including my feeding. So I spent N400 for food, paid tfare N200 to get to the venue and N200 left for my fro. How the remaining N200 lost in my pocket, I can't tell till now. Can't even tell if a fellow applicant pilfered me.

After the interview, that was when I realized I was without a penny. I searched everything to find the missing N200 but to no avail. I almost cried because of how important the money was (pray against every spirit of poverty). Having not seen,

I approached the first two guys for help but they shunned me. Naturally I don't like begging. I prefer to die in silence than begging openly cos I feel very bad if turned down. After the first two guys snubbed me, as a true Nigerian and full blooded 'kpako', and sportive in appearance, something struck me. Immediately, I folded my trouser upward and to add comic to it, I left the tie still on my neck and in no time, I was on the road jogging and heading back home at around 2-3 pm with my file in my hands.

People were looking and in surprise over the unusual jogging dress. That was how I jogged on major roads and short cuts till I reached house. I can't really quantify the total distance but it is something over 10km. As I reached house, I freshened up immediately even though nothing to eat, I found Garri and sipped. Life goes on!

My prayer: may I make it in this life, Amen.

People, in all you do, work hard and pray against poverty. It is not something to wish even your worst enemy.

Meanwhile, the interview ended on 'we'll get back to you". I'm still waiting for them.

Thank you for reading.

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