Gracious hearts music


Gracious Hearts Music Limited is a gospel music company that is all out to support young talents and give them a platform to share their gifts with the world. As the company's mission statement clearly declares, "bringing all lives to the knowledge and worship of God through music and charity", it is all about providing youth empowerment through the gospel music channel, ensuring the really talented ones are given a platform to share their inherent resource with a global audience, at no cost. Gracious Hearts Music does these and more. We provide free music and instrument trainings, host concerts, web-based contests, and giveaways, and perform more frequent corporate social responsibilities at various dimensions.

In just over a year of operation, we have produced over 40 gospel songs by at least 25 new super-talented artists, who never imagined they will get a chance to use their gifts, and many more in progress. Over the same period, we have hosted three virtual events to promote new talents and three online contests to support and scout more. By God’s grace, we have visited and supported special needs persons and orphanages. Our joy lies in empowerment, growth, gospel music and charity.

We also provide paid services to clients who love and understand the quality we provide and desires to work and make music with us.

08188591299 and Learn more about us.

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