Petals of my heart by Somina Oje


If Love could have a color,I suppose,

It wouldn't be just any common shade,

I'd name it for the petals of rose 🌹

The rose is nothing without the sun 🌞,

The rain 🌧️ ,the soil & so am I, without you,

Like the petals that fall back to the earth,

One day so must I,

If a rose so beautiful, can delight so many,

Then fall to the floor,and let another shine,

Then there's not much difference, between the life of a rose and mine,

But I'd be yours till then .

For I know if u fall off too, another would come up,

Even more fresher & finer ,

But the thing is,it can never be like YOU ..

You are the rose of my life,

Your smiles are like the sun,

It shines so bright and makes all of me beautiful,


With fragrance of sweet smell like savor 

Oh indeed you're a CYNOSURE .

So I walked among the flowers, 

To choose one just for you,

So many blooms to pick from, some in every Hue, 

Purples, yellow, pinks, even shades of blue,

A difficult decision that took me quite a while, 

Which would be the right one,the one to make you smile,

Then I searched through my heart , where I found a beautiful, peaceful , blooming & magnificent petal , 

Which was far better than all the roses in the world put together,

And that petal is YOU. 

Somina OJE 

From the tables of "SJ CYNOSURES" 

Somina OJE is a fast rising entertainer with so much talents, from a musician to a model & now a poet . 

Somina OJE has poured out his heart , this time not with sounds as we all know him as an artiste , but with Romantic words ( U can bet he's a big time Lover & very romantic in nature ) .


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Anonymous said…
Lovely write up boss, keep it up
Anonymous said…
U just blessed my day with this beautiful piece
See me smiling uncontrollably