Harking back to the 80s and mid 90s, willy was Nigeria's generally famous startling/blood and gore flick. The startling tone generally leaves immense goosebumps around one's neck. The name of this Repulsiveness series was Hot Money (not Willy).

Willy (William) was the name of the kid worker who was killed by his lord for a lucrative custom on the encouraging of his cranky spouse (Nchelem). The Series was highlighted and shot by NTA Port Harcourt in bygone times.

Hot money is a Nigerian loathsomeness television Series that was broadcasted routinely on NTA (Nigerian TV Expert) in the 80's and was prevalently called Willie in all groups of friends back then.This series depended on the tale of a little fellow called Willie who was forfeited by a relative he lived with; obviously for cash custom.

He ultimately returned as a vindictive soul/phantom to torment his family member, yet in addition everyone in the 'Hot Money' universe that was ravenous or evil. So at such critical points in time nine slasher episodes of Bad dream on Elms road circulated on NTA, Willie was additionally appearing.

Amusingly, to the greater part of us who were conscious of see the two films, Willie was a lot more terrifying; presumably in light of the fact that it was native.

NTA had a propensity for showing Willie at sun down and each Nigerian youngster that endure an episode of Willie had a comparability of modesty and smoothness, most likely in light of the fact that they were terrified and apprehensive that Willie will torment them in the event that they had a go at being malicious or difficult.

By and large, Willie ought to have been named Krampus and controlled with the most significant level of parental direction. Any home that thought for even a moment to watch Willie didn't need a sitter as each youngster in the family was polite out of dread.

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