Passenger Caught Stealing On Air Peace Abuja-Port Harcourt Flight

According to @mufasatundeednut

Yesterday morning, a passenger boarded an Air Peace flight from Abuja to Port Harcourt. During the flight, this man, Mr. VITALIS NWABUZOR (wearing blue safari) in the video took another passenger’s computer bag from the overhead luggage cabin, took the money(in the brown envelope) that was in the bag. Changed the location of the computer bag to another compartment and moved to an empty seat at the back of the aircraft.

He was amongst the first few to disembark, despite the announcement of disembarkation line by line beginning from the front. He was eventually caught and the money retrieved from him. Different currencies in different denominations were found on him.

Those flying local commercial flights in Nigeria should be wary of thieves like VITALIS NWABUZOR.

Source: @mufasatundeednut

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