Very Strange Nigerian Guy I Saw In Germany Who Japa Back To Naija

So this is a very strange story which I think about till this day.

It was October 1st 2019 and I am coming to Nigeria with Lufthansa from Manchester and the stopover is Frankfurt. And so we get to Frankfurt and we had to ride this trolley tram bus thingy to our terminal.

That’s where I saw this character. He was sat in front of me clutching a small handbag. That’s all he had On him. His eyes looked cold and dead like someone who has seen everything there is to see in life and he had checked out of humanity. He had like a long Islam goatee. Young guy, maybe early thirties. He sat there and clutched his bag and stared with that dead empty look. He wasn’t being deported. He was on a voluntary journey of his own. I watched him for a little while but then we got to the terminal and alighted and I never saw him again.

I took the flight to naija. Got the cab at the airport and started the journey to the Airbnb I had booked in magodo. It was an evening and up in the sky were stork birds and eagles and the atmosphere was dusty looking as the sun was setting. So as I was in the car on the express about 3 miles away from the airport I saw someone climbing the dividers of the express way and trying to cross over to the other side to the bus stop to catch a bus , I adjusted my eyes very well and guess who it was? It was the strange guy who sat in front of me on the tram-bus in Frankfurt. He had absolutely no luggage with him. He had just the same small bag I saw him with and he was in the same clothes

Till today I always wonder what that guys story is . Did he actually walk out voluntarily on his own out of Frankfurt with a tiny bag and walk into the streets of ojota with nothing but the same bag and dangerously crossing the expressway ? Was he remote controlled into Nigeria ? It’s a very strange episode. I think of that guy to this day

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