Men/guys Plz Stop Encouraging/producing Baby Mamas

As strange as this may sound, let's stop encouraging baby mamas, it's not a good thing to do or to be proud of.
These days I hear most guys say that they won't marry, they would rather look for a lady who will be their baby mama. Some guys are even planning to have multiple baby mamas.

Well, which lady in her right sense would want to be a baby mama. Aren't you even ashamed that you call yourself a baby mama. Like the purpose of coming to life is not even to be a mother and a wife, but a baby mama who might be left alone if the guy succeeds in taking away the child from you.

Anyway, that's not the main purpose of creating this thread.

This is an HYPOTHESIS...

I have come to realise that most children raised by baby mamas/single mothers are very wild and lack morals. They are usually toxic inside of them and very disrespectful, no shame, no atom of responsibility in them and they always behave as if they have no parental guidance.

It's seems like a woman alone should not be left with the sole responsibility of training a child from childhood through teenage ages. Women do not have the mental capacity to do such and so the child doesn't turn out well.

It's a different game when a woman lost her husband and is left alone with the children. In this case, 60-70% of the time, the husband's relatives helps the woman to train the child. But that's not the case of baby mamas/single mothers.

Most baby mama/single mothers do not usually have the support of relatives due to the circumstances surrounding the child they are bearing, and so they are left all alone in training the child... and in greater percentage of the time, the child is not trained "rightly and homely".

My appeal goes to the men, if you need a child, go and adopt one... If you need one carrying your blood, better get married and join hands with your wife in giving your child the required parental guidance they need.

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